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Frankincense Sacra

Frankincense Sacra

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Botanical Name: Boswellia sacra
Country of Origin: Oman
Plant Part: Tree Resin
Distillation Method: Extracted
Cultivation: Wild Grown

Sacred Frankincense (Oman)

Sacred Frankincense, Wild: Oman (Boswellia sacra)

Frankincense has been used for centuries and is considered the most therapeutic and useful of all the frankincense species.  This Frankincense is grown in the wild naturally and organically in Oman from the Boswellia sacra tree.

When the trees are about nine years old, small cuts are made to tap for resin.   A tree will produce an average of one kilogram of resin which can be then extracted into about two 15ml bottles of pure essential oil.

Soil and climate create differences in the quality of the resin and therefore the quality of the essential oil.  The frankincense trees in Oman have had to adapt to harsh environments, like growing out of almost solid rock in the mountains of Oman which produces a superior therapeutic resin and essential oil.

Has Been Reported:  Spiritual awareness, Inflammation, reproductive and urinary difficulties

Descriptor:  Immune builder, sedative, digestive aid, anti-inflammatory, liver stimulant, and antispasmodic

Application:  Smell the oil.  Apply on the feet and body.  Add a few drops in water and drink a few times a day.  Anointing the head with a drop of Sacred Frankincense has reported powerful uplifting effects.

Eighteen Ways to Use the Essential Oil of Sacred Frankincense

1.  Frankincense can be used in a Diffuser or worn on wrist or behind ears to give you a SENSE OF WELL-BEING.

2.  Frankincense can be used on the SKIN –  helps to regenerate the skin with healthy cells and reduces wrinkles

3.  Frankincense helps to relieve STRESS and can be worn on the wrist or temples.  Take a good whiff of it from time to time.

4. Frankincense works to fade SCARS from acne, surgery and stretch marks.

5. Frankincense relieves PAIN from arthritis and injuries as well as sore joints.

6. Frankincense RELIEVES ITCHING ON SKIN.  Apply directly on itch.

7. Frankincense DISINFECTS Cuts and Scrapes – Apply directly to wounds to clean and disinfect.

8.  Frankincense REMOVES WARTS – Apply twice a day topically to the wart and might take a couple of weeks to rid yourself of the wart.

9.  Frankincense STRENGTHENS THE IMMUNE SYSTEM and should be applied to the bottom of the feet for best results or taken with a 00 capsules.

10. Frankincense REDUCES INFLAMMATION  – Take a few drops in a 00 capsule internally.

11. Frankincense can be used During PREGNANCY AND LABOR by applying to the lower back to ease the pain and can help to calm.

12. Frankincense is good for INSECT BITES by placing a few drops directly onto the bite to reduce swelling and speed healing.

13. Frankincense can ENHANCE VISUAL ACUITY – May eliminate the need for reading glasses by applying frankincense around the eye area – on the cheek bone and brow bone. It works over a period of time and can be used in conjuction with the goggles and a  PAIN GENIE usa  device. Some have even regained the peripheral vision that had been limited. They put one drop of frankincense in the palm, rubbed the palms together, and cupped the palms over open eyes for 3 minutes 2-3 times each day.

TAKE NOTE: This may cause the eyes to become watery and/or tingle as the molecules of the essential oils spread out. In addition, remember that the condition did not occur “overnight”, and it may take several months before significant improvement is noticed though it should speed things up using the goggles with the pain genie.

14.  Frankincense HELPS BRITTLE NAILS by using 1 drop on nails to strengthen them.

15. Frankincense IMPROVES CONCENTRATION – Place 1-2 drops of on temples and/or back of neck.

16. Frankincense good for CYSTS – Place 1-2 drops on cyst 2 times a day until it disappears.

17. Frankincense is ANTI-CANCER, ANTI-TUMOR.

18. Frankincense for HEALTH MAINTENANCE. Place 1 drop Frankincense oil in 1tsp. honey or 4 oz. coconut milk, or rice milk and drink daily