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Eucalyptus Woollybutt

Eucalyptus Woollybutt

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Botanical Name: Eucalyptus macarthurii
Country of Origin: Australia
Plant Part: Leaf
Distillation Method: Steam distilled
Cultivation: Wild Grown

About the Oil

This specialty therapeutic geraniol-rich  essential oil of Eucalyptus macarthurii is a colorless liquid displaying medicinal bouquet with a soft rosaceous undertone. Commonly called Camden Woollybutt.

Used in:
A natural perfumery used in rose accords, floral notes, and a basic modifier/blender/extender in a extensive range and variety of perfume types due to its quiet, soft, sweet qualities which go well with most essential oils.

It retains, however, the same therapeutic properties of other eucalyptus varieties. Like other eucalyptus oils, macarthurii has an affinity with the skin, making it suitable for topical application and direct inhalation.  Its powerful immune boosting properties make eucalyptus oil a star supporter of the respiratory system by encouraging the body's natural process of decongesting.  By the promotion of oxygen uptake, it is an expectorant of mucus, and detoxes at a deeper level to support the Immune system during cold and flu season. 


Aromatherapy.  Use a few drops with water in a diffuser to remove pet odors and freshen the air. 

Massage.  Use 2% oil to 98% carrier oil.


Safety Guidelines:

Non-Toxic, not irritating, non-sensitive except people with epilepsy and high blood pressure should avoid using Eucalyptus oil.  Excessive use may cause headaches. Not for internal use.